Fall to spring ~ a poem

Hey Inquisitive Writers! Today, January 16th happens to be my birthday! So I decided to write a poem of fall to spring. Enjoy!


You hear the children laughing,

the leaves turning red,


and yellow

And falling slowly

Pumpkin picking in farms down east

The crisp, chill air

that is nostalgic

But the wind blows



and more powerful

than ever before..

Stressed and deprived,

riding in the snow

late to work

Or is the snow riding them?

Controlling us?

Chapped lips,

and dry hands,


the flu,

bare trees,

and sunken hearts..

And they run off, leaving their footsteps

in the snow, for


better places

Yet they come back,

eager for changes

Like singing birds,

melting snow,

and sunny days

Fields of dandelions,

colorful eggs,

worms on wet pavement,

and Mexican celebration…

Although winter seems to last long,

let it go

Spring will always come back

And make the most of it 🙂


I made this poem to convey a theme; don’t hold grudges or think of the past too much (winter), and make most of the happy moments (spring) Do you think there is another theme? What did this poem mean to you? 

P.S., I don’t actually hate winter, I just revolved the story around to fit the theme 


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