The Blog Anniversary Tag!

Hey Inquisitive Writers! I got nominated to do the Blog Anniversary Tag! I was nominated by Elizabelle. Check out her blog, it’s awesome!

The Rules

  1. Say you’re a champion out loud.
  2. Write a post in which you answer the questions below. (You can change or add questions if you want to.)
  3. Tag as many blogging champions as you wish (feel free to do it even if you aren’t tagged!) so we can all create a huge chain of Champ Happiness.
  4. Let those Champs know you tagged them.
  5. Link this page when you write the post.

How old is your blog? I started my blog in June 2015, so about a year and 4 months!

What was your blog’s first words? My first post was about Dangerous Social Media Apps. 

What are you post proud about your blog? I am very proud about the range of content I post about. 

What are your hope for your blog’s future? I hope to achieve many followers, make more blogging friends, and keep up with my variety of posts.

I nominate…


Ocean of Myths



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