What’s your talent?

Hey bloggers! Today I shall tell you one of my most modest and secret talent: (not just blogging!) custom lego building.

I know maybe you have seen some crazy-talented custom builds on Flickr or Pinterest.

But I don’t spend 2/3 of my time doing lego and building new designs. Like I built a coffee shop (maybe we could have coffee there!)

Some dorm rooms:

The book in the middle is suppose to represent a wall separating two dorm rooms.

The left side is a dorm and the right is the break room for a business.

I additionally built a adoption center/pet shop with 3 floors (the break room is the third floor, above)

First floor: adoption center.

Second floor: pet shop.

There’s even a mini restaurant.

And an antique store:

On the top floor, there’s the school and a flower shop.

There is where the scholars can hang out and talk.

I know I haven’t explained too much about the details and such. In the future I will make tutorials on each build I do.

The reason why I like custom building and lego so much is that I can let my imagination go free and really be who I am when I build.

What’s your hidden talent?




15 thoughts on “What’s your talent?

      1. Ha ha. Why did I know that you might ask that question? Writing YA novels is a hidden talent until I get published! 😜 I used to play the clarinet, but I’m not great at it now.

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