Popping Pink

Hey bloggers! This post is part of a color your world challenge, and today happens to fall on the day of cotton candy color! Here’s a poem dedicating my love to “popping” pink:


Popping Pink

Pink explodes

Pink smells like cotton candy at your favorite festival park

Pink is Valentine’s Day ❤️

Pink is the feeling of ecstasy and being jubilant 

Pink tastes like mushy marshmallows on a hot summer day

Pink is the sound of nothing; pink is calm

Pink makes your eyes pop, and there is nothing you can do but me mesmerized by its tranquility 🎀

Pink makes you feel alive

Pink changes us for a moment, but as you look away from it, you’ll remember the feeling of pink




100% original poem by me!! If you want to sign up for the challenge, click the link above ☝


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