Blogging Awards Handed Out 2016!

Hey Bloggers! I am going to start giving blogging awards about once per 2 months, and this is my first one. Here are the nominees:




Best photographer: Through Open Lens . He takes awesome bird photos, and has the funniest captions!



Best supporting blogger: Cultivating Time. At once when she saw my blog from the Community Pool, (again, another reason to participate there!) she checked it out frequently and commented on a bunch of posts. She also nominated me for a Liebster Award! (to see it, it’s the post before this one)



Best life-teller (teller of his or her life and deep feelings): Aidyl . She has a life blog, and some of her posts are about her feelings, like “Am I Really a Tea Person?” She also has a cute theme!




Best travel blog:  The Thought Card. When I just started my blog, she liked one of my travel posts and I went to check out her blog, and it is pretty cool. She has also been around the world!




The Rookies: Girl 2 Online She literally just started her blog and she writes about her life. Check out her posts, they’re pretty awesome!

Yves Jean-Gilles. He writes about how to maintain good health. I bet he’ll write more info. about it. Check it out!



Best DIYS: Miss Caly. Her blog is very inviting and posts great DIYs for many good purposes.



Most positive blogger: Saraa. I see in her posts that she want happiness and kindness. She writes about simple things, but in an optimistic way.



Most interesting topics: Stories by Sherry. She writes about very random topics including the time she wrote from a point of view from a porcupine!



Now I have a couple question for all the bloggers who were nominated:

1: What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

2: Which element are you most like: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, or Metal?

3: What’s your biggest achievement?

4:  Why did you start blogging?

5: If you could choose one place in the world to go, where would you go?

6: What’s your weirdest dream?

7: What is your #1 talent?

8: Do you have a 6th sense? If you do, what is it?

9: How many numbers can you recall for pi? (hehe, this is a tough one)

10: Do you play a musical instrument? If you do, which one? If you don’t, would you play one, and , which one would you play?

11: How would you describe your clothing style? Casual? Black? Pretty Pink?


Be sure to pingback this post when you answer this questions!





6 thoughts on “Blogging Awards Handed Out 2016!

  1. Thanks Jo Smith! Very Grateful.
    The biggest risk I ever took was…I don’t know, exactly. Since I always take risks. LOL
    My favorite element is earth, we wouldn’t be living without it!
    My biggest achievement is this Blogging Award from Jo Smith!
    I started blogging because I wanted to share my stories with the world and have fun.
    I would go to…Japan!
    My weirdest dream is a long story. It would take FOREVER to tell. And, I have many weird dreams, so…yeah.
    My #1 talent is…READING! That’s how I write awesome stories!
    a 6…sense? No. I’m confused.
    What IS a pi? Is it how you measure a circle? Even if it is, No Idea.
    I play the piano and recorder!
    I dress casual.

    Thank you Jo Smith for these questions! It was fun answering them. ^_^

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  2. By the way – I did not get a pingback or any other notification this post. I suspect the other Bloggers you have listed might not have got anything either. It might be worth finding a way to let them know about your post so they can read it, comment and participate.

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