Why does Beauty matter?


Question of the day: Why does beauty matter?

Beauty is something that is really appreciated these days. But, why? Why do people risk plastic surgery just to look pretty?

Since eyesight is the mostly the human’s strongest sense, we use it a lot and rely on it for many things instead of actually thinking. There are many types of people in this vast world, and many people are insecure or don’t have enough self-confidence. Many people also care so much about what people think, they do plastic surgery, which is harmful. Breast implants can lead to breast cancer and other problems. Surgery on other body parts is very dangerous ,too.

Also: Why do models have to be skinny and beautiful? What? To represent a good image for the brand? In my opinion, this represents a bad image for the brand because they just have to have skinny models just because of their looks. If I had a company for apparel, I would just use regular teenagers for the models, of any size, I seriously don’t care. The point of fashion is to show off the clothes, not give the impression that girls have to be skinny, because we live in a world like that: forced beauty

Some people are forced to be skinny, and some people even think they aren’t skinny enough. Some even go on eating disorders to be skinnier, which is very scary.

We all want people to “approve” our taste and style, so they don’t make us feel like we’re nothing just because of our looks. 1: Those people obviously don’t know anything. 2: They’re also (what I call) indirect bullies. 3: TRY NOT TO LISTEN TO THEM

I believe we are born with a lot of good qualities, and those qualities can be used, or some people can ignore those because of insecurity, innate meanness, and peer pressure. You’re all beautiful people inside and out! Don’t let anyone change that! And don’t change your look just to look more beautiful: you already are!!



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