Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

Ding! The oven is showing a sure sign that it’s ready. This Thanksgiving I spent the holiday with family and friends. We went to my friend’s house and had a gigantic feast.

 I got so stuffed, a stuffed turkey would look skinny next to me.

I ate breaded turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sause, and a simple water. I didn’t choose much of a varity, though. But I love love mashed potatoes. 🍗🍴

It seems that they got a new pet, not just the cat anymore.

It’s a bird! 🐦 He’s very cute. Turns out they JUST got him yesterday. They’re also going to get another one of the same species to have a little friend for him. But the only thing I fear is the cat eats him. 🍗

I am grateful for friends, family, health, and education. I had a Happy Thanksgiving. But, what are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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