New Smoothie Flavor

Do you want to create a new smoothie flavor? If you would, then what would the flavor be? How would you make it? Well, I’m in the mood for that today. So, my new smoothie flavor would be mint raspberry-strawberry blast. Such a shame they didn’t make that a flavor yet….

Here is how you would make that smoothie:

Recipe for 1 glass of Mint Raspberry-Strawberry Blast

– About 15 or less raspberries (depending on the glass)

– Approximately 4-5 strawberries

– 1 teaspoon raw brown sugar

– 4-6 fresh mint leaves – chopped (depending on how much you love mint!)

First, blend the raspberries, mint leaves, and strawberries together. Next, pour the sugar in. Not sweet enough? Add more sugar. Lastly, Enjoy!


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