Pick Pocket!

Pocket Logo

Click! You just saved your first website onto Pocket. Why did you get it again, exactly? Here, I’ll remind you:

– You get to register for free

– Sign up doen’t take long

– Save videos and pictures ,too other than websites

– As they say,”Read it for later”

– Read anytime, from any of your devices

– Don’t need wifi to read (oh yeah)

– Install the Pocket button and save anything from the web

– Use it instead of bookmarks

Disadvantages:, sorry there are none that I can spot.

I wasn’t the one writing this blog, some other person would say there’s a disadvantage. But in my opinion, there’s really not. Ok, ok, let me think…………….

They need your email address. But obviously, only send emails (about only 1 or 2)

Get Pocket. You need it more than you think. It’s just a few clicks away.


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