Photography, it’s an art

Smile! Cheese! Your photo is being taken! Remember on school picture day when you probably sneezed or blinked because of the flash? Well, that’s called photography.

Vintage Camera

My photography definition: photos or pictures being taken on a camera or a phone with a camera which is sometimes edited to embrace its beauty

There are some photography apps such as social media, editing apps, and camera apps. Some social media apps include Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram (for amateurs), Flipagram (roughly), and more.

I take photography photos and I think of it as an art. I share my photos on Pinterest:

Pepper Seeds

Beautiful Sunset

Inside a water bottle


Mini clothes pins

But there are some photographers who will do ANYTHING to get a good shot. For example, one photographer took the double yellow lines on the road and “lifted” them upwards and put a person facing downward with the two lines on top of his head!!

There are many types of photography. Abstract, black&white, underwater, and more. My favorites are underwater, astrophotography, abstract, nature, and urban photography. These are some types of photography. Which ones do you like? Tell them in the comments below!

Overall, I love photography and art and things like that and I hope to explore and learn more!


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